Oleg Valentins Novosëlov, Expatriate, Pensioner (novoslov) wrote,
Oleg Valentins Novosëlov, Expatriate, Pensioner

колонизации Крыма из Филадельфии

...monthly publication was issued on an excellent quality paper in Yiddish and English from 1928 to 1935 under the title Icor, and from 1935 to 1950 as Naylebn.

ICOR - IKOR - Идише Колонизатион Орбайтер Републик - Иудейская Коланизация Рабочей Республики


Funds for the aid of Jews suffering from the war ("Joint") - Средства для помощи иудеям, страдающих от войны ("Джойнт")

Agro-Joint - Агро - Джойнт из-за океана помогал налаживать сельское хозяйство в созданых колониях


Agro-joint colonies in the Crimea

"The Agro-Joint project (1924-1938), conceived and directed by the Russian-born American agronomist Joseph Rosen (1877-1949) and promoted by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, was one of the most effective and ambitious philanthropic relief programs envisioned and implemented for the resettlement and «productivization» of Russian Jews as avant-garde farmers in Soviet Crimea and southern Ukraine.
The present paper discusses, from a planner and architect’s perspectives, some of the Agro-Joint plans, projects and planning reports contained in the J. Rosen archives stored at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research (New York)."
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