Oleg Valentins Novosëlov, Expatriate, Pensioner (novoslov) wrote,
Oleg Valentins Novosëlov, Expatriate, Pensioner

Черезвычайщина за океаном

С погромов анархистов Red Scare were called "Reds", "Anarchists", "Outside Foreign-Born Radical Agitators" и высылки их на пароходе USAT Buford (ID 3818) the "Soviet Ark" (or "Red Ark") в СССР

Leading Personages on the Buford's Passenger-List : From the reader's left to right-Emma Goldman, Ethel Bernstein, Peter Bianki, Alexander Berkman...248 Others Deported
помощник прокурора Гувер начинает создание федеральной службу расследований получающей неограниченные возможности преследования неугодных власти как патриотический акт.

Bolshevism on Trial, 1919 1st Red Scare
Shall Bolshevism spread its web over our industrial life?

The Red Scare: A Filmography
Tags: #redark, #sovietark, red ark, soviet ark

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