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The Interview: Henry Kissinger

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, TNI Editor Jacob Heilbrunn sits down with the former Secretary of State.
Henry Kissinger
August 19, 2015

The National Interest’s editor, Jacob Heilbrunn, spoke with Henry Kissinger in early July in New York.
Kissinger: Well, you have the view that Reagan started the process with his Evil Empire speech, which, in my opinion, occurred at the point when the Soviet Union was already well on the way to defeat.
Kissinger: Because we refuse to learn from experience. Because it’s essentially done by an ahistorical people. In schools now, they don’t teach history anymore as a sequence of events. They deal with it in terms of themes without context.

Heilbrunn: So they’ve stripped it of all context.

Kissinger: Of what used to be context—they put it in an entirely new context.

Контекст один Вестфальский мир к юбилею заключения которого он в Москве был, упоминая об этом в интервью "I saw Putin at the end of November 2013.", но не говоря, что это было перед началом фальстарта как и причины столь скоропалительного рывка на восток.
Не ожидал, что предупреждение "не делать этого" так на них подействует.
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